2010 Goals

1. become a more conscious consumer (not buying clothes I don't need, eating more locally, avoiding corn & soy, buying food with less packaging, etc.)
2. continue to educate myself (reading more books, staying in school)
3. do yoga/meditation most days of the week (I am really out of shape, yuck. I want to get back on my bike hardcore in the Spring, too. Maybe I'll try rock climbing now that I have my fancy new shoes.)
4. move forward (aka start writing my book again, work on self-improvement goals, be creative)
5. be radically honest (I will no longer be devoting time to people who fail to realize how awesome I am. I need to be more honest with myself about my relationships as well as with other people in those relationships. Some things aren't worth holding onto.)
6. be remarkable (trying to do something inspiring/find something inspiring everyday)